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My Dad in the RAF

A.F.S. Dum Dum was the name of the base used by the RAF during the Second World War but has existed for much longer than that.  It was part of the Eastern Air Command.  It is now a section of the suburbs of Kolkata (Calcutta).  I have yet to discover exactly which squadron or section Dad was part of, but he did talk about dropping goods and equipment from the planes. He also was a teleprinter operator so was a pretty good typist, and he knew Morse Code.  I intend to get his service records when the time seems right and I can track them down.

Control Tower

Flying Fortress - USAAF

Avro York

Dakota of 52 Squadron

French Skymaster

Flight over Nani- Taal (Nainital)

Tezgaon from the air for a supply drop.

Monsoon Sunset

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