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Our Family History

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On the following pages you will find brief outlines of the family which we have been researching for forty years now.  What you will not find is the complete detail of all our lines of ancestry.

Having found so much of our work copied from our old website with no credit or sourcing given, we concluded that we would remove a great deal of information from public view.  We are happy to share and discuss our findings with family members, but hope that credit will be given where it is due if that information is posted elsewhere.

The ancestral lines you see here are all our own work, mostly from pre-Internet days.  Where we have been given ancestral lines by others, these have not been included.

If any of these families are of interest to you, or if you are searching for similar names in the same areas, please get in touch and we will be happy to compare notes .  You can also now search our databases for information which might help you in your own research.

After so many years of research, we have inevitably collected a great deal of information which may not relate to our own family.  Where we have researched people not related to us in some detail, this can be found on our other websites:

For information about the research help we can give, or the family history books we produce - www.usmk.co.uk.

For details of research we have completed for the United Kingdom and a few places worldwide - www.usmkgenealogy.co.uk

Our newest website provides an overview of all of our research work. www.usmkfamilyhistory.com

Our Website

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