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Our Family History

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

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No personal information is gathered during this process and we will only know that you personally have seen our site if you decide to write to us.  If you do write to us, we will not pass on your email address to anyone else without your express permission.

All information provided by us to you is given on the understanding that we believe it to be correct, but that it must be checked against original documents for total accuracy.  All research has been done by us and has not been provided by any other researcher.  If our information is used elsewhere or given to any other researcher, we would request that it is acknowledged who did the original research.  We do not provide a look-up service and will only supply information which we have collected.

All images and text are copyright Lynne Hall and Alison France.  If you would like copies of our photographs, then please ask  and we will usually be happy to provide a high resolution copy.  This applies to both modern and historic images, as many of  the older photographs have been restored by us.

If we provide information which proves to be correct and helps you , please give credit where it is due.  

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