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Can you help?

We hope in some way that we can help with your research through our websites, but we too have a list of problems we have yet to solve.  If you can help in any way at all, please contact us


William McCready only once gave any detailed information about where he was born in Ireland, but we just can’t work out what it says, or, at least, it’s not a place that we can find on a map.   Can you help?

RG 9; Piece: 3756; Folio: 12; Page: 17


John Jontin was an itinerant umbrella maker born around 1836, who married our Great Grandmother  and then would seem to have disappeared.  Does anyone know anything about this man?


George Turnbull was born between 1787 and 1791 in, he claimed, Rennington, Northumberland.  Has anyone found him?


Mark Hall, son of John and Ellen, does not appear on any census before 1871 and yet should be in the Northumberland area in 1851 and 1861.  Have you seen this family anywhere at all?


Isaac Tordiff married in 1768 in Cumberland.  His birth and death have completely eluded us for about 30 years.  Does anyone have any knowledge of Isaac?


Have you ever found a Sarah Harrison born around 1792, probably in Cumberland?  We’ve been looking for her for 35 years! Naming pattern indicates her parents could be John and Ann.  Can you help?


Lydia Maffrey was born about 1741.  She married Simon Parker in Lowestoft.  Do you have Maffrey on your family tree?


Christian Gibson married James France in Cockermouth in 1727. We have found a possible birth in Haile in 1699, but how can we be certain that this is her?

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