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 Please note that these are random entries and not transcripts of particular parish registers.  All have been collected in over 30 years of visiting record offices, and, to the best of our knowledge, are not from other people’s indexes or transcripts (unless out of copyright).  

If you would like a full entry, then please  email us with the  name you are interested in, plus the reference number ,and we will send the full entry to you.  The details we  supply are believed to be accurate, but these indexes are provided merely as a finding aid for you, so please check them against the original records - mistakes can be made!  We intend to update these records on a regular basis so it is worth coming back.  

Apart from the information on our three websites, we have also gathered random entries which now amount to about 70,000 individual pieces of information.   We have long wanted to make these searchable for others, and, at last, we have found a way.  Although limited as a search facility, we hope that it will help you to identify possible references to your ancestors.  For speed, we have divided the data into smaller files those being:

North West - for Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire

North East - for Northumberland and Durham

Rest of England - for mainly Norfolk and Suffolk, but also other counties we may have  briefly researched.

(Please be patient if the search is slow)

Baptisms (North West) Baptisms (Other) Baptisms (North East) Marriages (Other) Marriages (North East) Marriages (North West) Burials (North East) Burials (Other) Burials (North West)

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